It’s 5:30pm, you just got home from work. You’re exhausted.  Your kids are complaining that they’re STARVING and your husband starts eating some potato chips.  The last thing you feel like doing is slaving over the stove cooking for an hour, then cleaning up pots & pans, dishes, etc.  By the time you’re done, it’s bath time – where does your personal time or quality family time tie into this equation?

I’ve always been intrigued by the whole ‘Once a Month cooking’ method, or Make Ahead Meals, but while I was pregnant with my son I realized I really needed to put this technique to use to save money and time.  Wouldn’t it be great to have dinner done, simply heat it up or add a few ingredients, put a salad together, and be done?

I’ve been on an endless conquest to solve this daily food dilemma.  I started thinking of the most efficient way to get dinner on the table quickly.  While the slow cooker does serve its purpose at times, I think that having meals actually prepared and done ahead of time is the most efficient.  I cook large batches of meals in bulk and freeze them, or spend a few hours on the weekend cooking for the following week.  This shortens the time in the kitchen and allows me to spend time with my family each day.

I started this website to share with you my ‘make-ahead’ and freezer meal recipes and tips.  I hope I can inspire you to try this cooking method and my recipes.  If you don’t feel like cooking every day and want to minimize your time in the kitchen, Make Ahead Meals will help you greatly.

Once you commit an hour (or more) and crank out a few meals ahead of time, you will realize how much time and money you have saved when you come home from work and effortlessly pop your already-made meal in the oven or microwave!

About the Cook

Hi, I’m Angela – and I’m obsessed with cooking!  =)  My passion for cooking started right after I graduated from college.  At the time, I just couldn’t get enough of the Food Network, and would spend hours at the bookstore reading cookbooks and experimenting in the kitchen.  I considered attending culinary school and even traveled to NYC to visit The Institute of Culinary Education (where we bumped into Jacques Pepin in the elevator!).  However after much contemplation, I felt the life of a restaurant chef was not for me, & decided to pursue my culinary interests at home and through other outlets.

Although I grew up in a family that cooked every day and my parents taught me some basic skills I really am a self-taught home chef.  I would find an intriguing recipe and tackle it – that’s my idea of a fun Saturday afternoon!  Through trial and error, and lots of practice, I have learned to cook well.

I live in southeastern Wisconsin and at my day job I work in the finance industry.  When I’m not in the kitchen I’m spending time with my family, usually doing something outside:  biking, gardening, enjoying an afternoon at the park, or in the summer visiting the local farmer’s market.  I also love going to the movies and eating out – specifically Indian food or a great fish fry!

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:) Happy Cooking!!!

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